Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Products


Gas Cylinder with Dampening
Locking gas springs
Hydraulic Height Adjustment Systems
Single Leg Pneumatic Adjustment Systems


Cam locks and compression locks
Finger pulls and handles
Extruded profiles, plugs, and various custom solutions
Captive and non-captive fasteners with tool-less installation
Multipoint Latching Systems Including Rods, Guides and Gearboxes
PA, Zinc, and Stainless Steel swinghandles for any application
Cover stays, wind stops, tools, and more
Internal and external hinges for all door types


Linear Guide & Telescopic Slides


Handheld Screwdriving Systems with Automatic Feeding
Fixtured Screwdriving Systems with Automatic Feeding
Feeders and Controlers for Automatic Screwdriving Systems


Industrial Clutches and Brakes


Custom Flat, HPF and Hybrid Round Cables

Dynatect Manufacturing

Way covers, bellows and roll up cover
Cable & Hose Carriers

Wescon Controls

Light Duty Mechanical Control Systems
Panel Control Systems

Wescon Controls

Push-Pull Control Systems
Brake Cable and Lever Systems
Remote Valve Control Systems
Rotary Push-Pull Lever Control Systems