Representation Services

Our strengths as international supplier representatives

years of experience in representation services

  • Local and experienced technical sales team
  • Vast Knowledge of the Canadian territory
  • Customer management tool (CRM)
  • Social media marketing and digital toolsWe work with the largest Canadian Manufacturers
  • We are members of MANA, PTRA and CPMR
  • Invest in yearly trade shows
  • Long-term commitment
  • Predictable marketing costs
  • Portfolio of complimentary solutions to identify new customers in the region

Looking for an agency to represent you in Canada?

Marktech has been representing world-class suppliers in Canada since 1985.

Our presence across Canada has helped our partners grow their customer base in many active industries. The Canadian economy is constantly growing and our partners have seen their sales increase accordingly. At Marktech, our goal is simple: to help our customers and suppliers succeed. As a manufacturing agent, we have a directory of exemplary suppliers offering innovative and high quality solutions. We introduce them to our network of decision-makers at the largest Canadian manufacturers.

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If you are looking for a partner to represent you in Canada or for more information, contact Gilbert Leblond by clicking on Contact Us below or by phone at +1 514 333-1555.

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