About Us

About MarkTech

Founded in 1985, MARKTECH is a fast-growing supplier’s agency representing international corporations in many sectors, including industrial machinery and equipment, transportation and office and healthcare furniture. We cover all of Canada, in both French and English.

MARKTECH offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Distributors and Maintenance, Repairs Operations (MRO) customers a vast selection of products of the highest quality, backed by dedicated service, knowledgeable advice and innovative technical solutions. This saves you time, simplifies your projects and keeps you up to date with the latest technology.

Beyond its wide range of standardized products from world-class suppliers, MARKTECH also offers customized components for your applications. Our tailor-made solutions help customers achieve higher performance and profitability.

At MARKTECH we help our customers and suppliers succeed.


Helping our customers succeed means more than just selling them the right part or product. We will partner with your team to develop the right solution.

Our team of representatives have years of experience assisting suppliers to develop the right solutions and in finding replacement products or managing necessary repairs. We will help you identify the right supplier, find the best component and discover new technical solutions according to your specific needs and in accordance with your budget. At all steps of the process, we strive to ensure our clients get the resolution they need as quickly as possible.