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Exclusive representative of top suppliers

MARKTECH has developed unique relationships with suppliers known for their understanding of technology, for their dynamic approach and for their specialized products. These suppliers, like MARKTECH, have as their objective to offer their clients innovative and pertinent solutions capable of responding to their specific needs and to augment their productivity and competitiveness.

Proud to serve Canada’s largest suppliers

We work with some of Canada’s largest manufacturers to help them build a relationship with our manufacturers. From OEM components to large plant inventories and maintenance planning, we are ready to serve the largest needs.


We are a team of knowledgeable, reliable technical representatives with decades of shared experience in finding the right solution to your needs. We turn your specifications into tailored solutions that fit your budget. No matter the size, scope or complexity of the project, at MARKTECH we help our customers and suppliers succeed.

Renald Leblond

Technical Representative
+1 514 333-1555, ext. 2
+1 418 956-0218 (cell.)

Tia Brown

Technical Representative
+1 514 333-1555, ext. 4
+1 416 709-9183 (cell.)

Gilbert Leblond

+1 514 333-1555, ext. 3
+1 514 246-2448 (cell.)


Sales Manager
+1 514 333-1555, ext. 5
+1 705 715-5979 (cell.)

Nicolas Doré

Inside Technical Representative
+1 514 333-1555, ext. 6
+1 514 573-9077 (cell.)

Michelle Gallarneau

Inside Technical Representative
+1 514 333-1555, ext. 8
+1 514 835-8808 (cell.)

Carole Artin

Office Manager
+1 514 333-1555, ext. 1
+1 514 606-3773 (cell.)