We are very happy to announce that we now represent a new supplier, Wescon Controls, LLC.

Wescon Controls, LLC is the premier supplier of controls to the outdoor power equipment manufacturers and a significant player in non-automotive controls. They can provide solutions tailored to your needs based on their selection of systems:

  • Light Duty Mechanical Control Systems
  • Panel Control Systems
  • Push-Pull Control Systems
  • Brake Cable and Lever Systems
  • Remote Valve Control Systems
  • Rotary Push-Pull Lever Control Systems
  • Electronic Throttle Controls


Their two manufacturing plants, located in Wichita, Kansas, and in Juarez, Mexico, enable Wescon to help customers across multiple markets in an efficient and timely manner. They provide quality products, support and service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

You can see some of Wescon’s systems on our web site. Don’t hesitate to contact us for if you have questions!